Time for Value (T4V) is a strong eco-system for companies in the MarTech, Sales Tech, and business intelligence industry who want to grow fast and profitable - drive-by common mindset and core value

T4V Partner Model

Become a T4V partner; it will bring you faster growth, new opportunities, highly motivated teams and will transform your business. You get access to knowledge and resources, bring down your growth costs, get new clients and keep your clients with new services for a longer period. You can apply for one of two partner models:

  • For Service Partners: You can offer your services to other partners and act as a T4V Service Partner as well as access all resources of all partners.

  • For Value Partners: You can offer your services to other partners and act as a T4V Value Partner. In addition, you have the possibility to access and use existing proven solutions and frameworks in the areas of People, Execution, Strategy, Cash and Growth.

1st Partner model

Service Partner

Share knowledge, resources, growth costs, and clients.

Part of commission model for lead, deal, client hand over

Access to joint lead campaigns

Provide your resources (people) to increase productivity

Get access to resources (people) at the internal billing rate

Access to Slack Workspace (some channels)

Access to monthly Zoom session for your KAMs and PMs

Access to yearly team alignment and fun events

Access to all Case Studies and use for your sales

Access to Pitch winning Task Force

Access to venture builder and pitch new ideas

2nd Partner model

Value Partner

All from Service Partner plus access to proven frameworks for faster growth.

Access to a large set of cloud tools & services

Access to Performance-based compensation model

Access to Driver Tree Simulation Model

Access to Growth Case Calculation Model

Access to Organization Model based on Holacracy

Access to shared teams and employees

Access to shared talent sourcing and mindset bases recruiting

Access to performance model and BI Reportings

Access to CEO Experience share Circle and Management Support

Access to shared BDR/Presales Team

Access to value based pricing concept & framework

Access to OKR Landscape

Access to Customer Success Framework

Access to Growth planning and controlling framework

Common Mindset and Core Values

As T4V partners, we want to combine our synergies in order to
build strong relationships in a safe and trustful environment to ensure growth for everyone.
The basis for this is a common mindset and core values.

If you are in the digital industry, you have the same mindset and share our core values with us, we look forward to receiving your application.

T4V Partner

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You want to be part of the T4V Ecosystem and share our mindset and core values?

Do you need a strong partner for your profitable growth and for the digitalisation of your marketing and sales strategy or a strong partner to entry into new markets?

Talk to us about your goals and where we as T4V can bring you the most value.

Only if you think we are a good fit for you, we will get the rest of the process rolling.

Pius Haas, T4V Founding Member
wants to create tangible experiences for prospects, customers, partners, and employees that have an impact far beyond the actual relationship cycle. Get in contact with me connecting people and businesses.

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