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Don't just talk about digitalisation, achieve it. Generate real added and measurable value in your digital sales and marketing right now.  Get essential insights out of your business data with our Business Intelligence Solutions. That is the promise behind the T4V initiative. Time for Value is a results-driven MarTech, SalesTech, and Business Intelligence ecosystem, providing a full range of growth services. 

Digital Marketing & Growth Services

  • Digital Growth Strategy
  • Positioning & Digital Branding
  • Content & Marketing and Lead Growth Campaigns
  • SEO, Paid Media, Social Media
  • Growth Websites Setup & Maintenance
  • Data Insights and Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

Sales Enablement Services

  • Setup & Customise CRM
  • Setup: Sales & Lead Process, Sales Reporting
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment (SLA)
  • Digital Sales Enablement
  • Social Selling Bootcamp
  • LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns
  • BDR Services for selected industries

Enterprise Integration Services

  • Implementation and Migration Services
  • CRM, CMS, ERP Integrations
  • eCommerce and Video Platform Integration
  • Custom CMS and Templates coding
  • Business Intelligence Integration
  • App and Theme Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations and API Development

We provide services for the entire venture lifecycle. Every successful path begins with a first step.
We are ready when you are.


We help validate the market need

Without execution, an idea is just an idea. We help validate the market need, create a first POC and support you in proving the problem-solving fit with hypotheses and facts. Before funding and investor search, we help to create an MVP. Within 90 days we reach crucial milestones.
That is the promise behind our T4V Value Partner 902 Ventures AG.

We are also courageous: we often participate in new ventures ourselves and show "skin in the game".

We help set up your venture

Once your idea has achieved market fit, and the first MVP is in place, we help set up your venture and implement a high-performance culture from the very beginning. With experiences in assisting many start-ups, we know that a growth strategy is essential. All decisions need to be data-driven to quickly position and establish in markets. It is often forgotten how important the financial structure is in order to have accurate figures as a basis for decision-making and to build up transparent and efficient reporting to investors.

What does the equity management look like and what is the exit strategy of the founders and investors? These are central questions that we help to consider from the beginning.


We help you evaluate market size and potential

A new product or service is about to be launched, or a new market should be entered. We help you evaluate market size and potential, calculate the growth case, and develop the appropriate growth strategy. In order to make real-time business decisions and run simulations, we implement a business intelligence framework.

This enables you to create a high-performance culture and a top-performing team to achieve your ambitious goals.

We rely on pure facts and prove our hypotheses with figures

In the scale phase, we determine OKRs with you, define KPIs and goals and implement these consistently with your teams in sprints. The most important thing here is the performance that has to be achieved within a short period of time. We rely on pure facts and prove our hypotheses with figures. We like to achieve ambitious goals because we are also performance-oriented and want to be measured by our results.

Together with your teams, we lead weekly or monthly performance sessions, always focusing on where we are, our learnings and the focus for the next sprint. With real-time dashboards, we keep all stakeholders at all levels up to date.


We help you to secure your investment

The exit strategy is a very important factor for founders and investors as it has a great influence on the strategy of the company. We help you to secure your investment as an entrepreneur or investor and to minimise the risks. With the implementation of a financial structure and simulation models, we always have your goals in mind.

With our large network, we help you find additional investors or buyers, manage the entire equity management and provide you with a well-coordinated M&A team.

The team behind T4V

With over 300 experts based in Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia, we cover the entire process for your digital growth. With every project we manage for our well-known clients over the years, we have achieved great goals, demonstrating endless enthusiasm and a tremendous work ethic. When you work with T4V, you work with proactive experts and an international team that is committed to achieving the ambitious goals for you and your company.

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Skills and Specializations

T4V Partners are sharing 

Armed with diverse experiences, T4V specialising in industry-specific digital services for SME and global enterprises. We provide strong execution skills but also strong consulting services for strategy, implementation, and integration. We’ve proudly assisted many companies in Europe to realise their full digital potential. Here are our lists of specialisations.

HubSpot Enterprise

HubSpot CRM Professional & Enterprise
HubSpot CMS Professional & Enterprise
HubSpot custom Template & Theme development
HubSpot Marketing Enterprise HUB
HubSpot Sales Enterprise HUB
HubSpot Service HUB
HubSpot Enterprise Reporting
HubSpot API Development
HubSpot 3rd party Integrations

Digital Marketing

Branding & Positioning
Lead & Awareness Campaigns
Digital Growth Strategy
Websites & Social Media
SEO & Paid Media
Training & Coaching 

Digital Sales

Sales & Lead Prozess Implementation
Developing a sales plan
Sales Enablement & Social Selling
Sales Management & BDR Training
Sales Management Reporting
Sales Services Deployment

Client Happiness

Customer Success Implementation
Self-Service Implementation
Service Platform Integration
Client Onboarding Implementation
Eskalation Management Implementation
NPS Implementation

Enterprise Consulting

Solution Architecture Design
Marketing & Sales Alignment 
Performance-based Compensation Models
Business Intelligence Framework Design
OKR Landscape Design &  Implementation
AI Services Design & Implementation


CRM, ERP Implementation & Integrations
Core System Integrations
CMS Implementation & Integrations
eCommerce Integrations
BI Implemenation & Integrations
Video Platform Implementation & Integrations


Organisation Model
Founding Services
Equity Management
M&A and Investor Network
Financial Reporting Framework
Performance Model Implementation

Don't take our words. See what our happy customers say about how our T4V services benefit them.

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"BEE Digital Growth is a strategic partner to our success. As a young startup it was important for us to work with a partner that understood our needs, was able to provide guidance and develop a sustainable marketing strategy with us. Their experience and detailed analysis of our needs are what enabled us to set up a growth framework which can support our KPIs over the coming years."

Diana K
APARI Digital

"Absolutely trustworthy and helpful coaching on website design & strategy! When we were restructuring our website, we were unsure how to communicate our services to the visitors and develop the right storytelling, as we have a relatively broad range of services for a target audience. "

Lillian M
Digital Chameleon

"During the collaboration with the proficient contact persons of BEE Digital Growth, we implemented HubSpot completely and in rapid time at our company. BEE Digital was a great sparring partner for the further configuration to maximise the use of the powerful HubSpot suite as well. We would definitely work with them again."

Armida W

"A strong partner for switching to HubSpot: Goal-orientated, efficient, and high-quality consulting. We had excellent support through the integration process to HubSpot. Thank you, BEE Digital Growth!"

Julian L
SUSI&James GmbH

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