Aktionariat AG

We provide Swiss Companies with a toolset to create a market for their digital shares on their website.

We enable the creation of decentralized markets for shares that allow liquidity, inclusion, and a better alignment of interests of the company and its stakeholders.


Skills and Competencies.

Aktionariat empowers companies with the freedom to self-finance through their own ecosystem:

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Continuous Fundraising

Allow new investors to join at any time by buying shares directly on your website.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Let clients, suppliers and other stakeholders participate in your success.

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Employee Participation

Incentivize your employees with real shares of tangible value.

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Strategic Independence

Enjoy market liquidity without being pushed towards an exit.

"Today, the most traded crypto assets do not represent any tangible value. We are changing this by using blockchain technology for the trading of tokens that represent shares of companies."

Luzius Meisser

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Want to Kickstart a Market for Your Shares? With Aktionariat you can enjoy the benefits of a liquid share market without a costly IPO.